Norby’s Buddies: Building Literacy and Resiliency


Mentors and teachers are vital to a child’s growth and learning within school. However, statistics state that 1 in 3 children will grow up without a mentor. In other words, within a classroom of thirty children, ten of them may never receive the support and resources they need to grow to their fullest potential.

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Giving of Yourself: Sometimes it Requires a Pair of Pants


1 John 3-17-18

Over Winter Break, many college students caught up on sleep, took J-term classes, or worked at various jobs. Others, however, used their time in a unique way.

Joe Zielinski ‘17 was one of 91 St. Norbert students who participated in the TRIPS alternative break service program. TRIPS stands for Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service. It is a program that challenges college students to address the shared needs of various communities around the United States through direct service.

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Members of SNC Women’s Hockey Make Service Their Foundation

 St. Norbert College Women’s Hockey players Brianna Kelly, Kenna Farrey, Mckenzie Mazzolini, Reaghan Chadwick, and Lexi Pyykkonen. (left to right)


What does it mean to have a solid foundation? In terms of engineering, a structure can’t stand without one. With a good foundation, however, a house can stand forever, providing a safe haven to those who live in it.

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“Challenging,” “Intriguing,” “Will Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone” : Why C.E.N.G. Courses Break Down the Walls of the Classroom


What’s your ideal classroom? Is it a group of students sitting cross-legged in a circle? In a square? Hexagon? Does the best learning happen outdoors? Do passionate professors provoke more interest in students? Can we learn better from engaging with other people?

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“Best Buddies” Extends Radical Hospitality Beyond Campus Borders

Shannon Salter (left), president of Best Buddies, with her Buddy, Bethany.
Written By Becca Karpenko

If you attend the Involvement Fair this Tuesday, September 13th, you may see a new student org with a colorful, eye-catching logo: two people with their arms looped around one another with the words “Best Buddies” above them in purple lettering.

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Silver Lining with M.S.

Written by Jaime Notzen

Kappa Beta Gamma, a sorority at St. Norbert College, held their 14th annual Multiple Sclerosis Benefit on March 12, 2016.

They were able to raise a grand total $3,583.45 for their philanthropy. 

The event, which features a dinner, silent auction, and raffle, annually donates all proceeds to the M.S. Society of Wisconsin. All donations aid in the research for a cure or enhanced treatments for those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

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