Let’s do something good TOGETHER.

The beginning of an academic year presents many exciting opportunities making it a perfect time to get involved in a new organization or two, or three…or seven! No matter what year you are, from a first-year student to a senior, it is never too early or too late to become actively involved on campus.

If you are interested in anything under the sun related to service, the Sturzl Center can help get you started! Start off by checking out this site, Compelling Connections. This is the place to:

  1. Learn about the Sturzl Center.
  2. Check out what awesomely interesting service-related events are happening.
  3. Learn about the enthusiastic student-run organizations that you can join (or collaborate with!).
  4. Hear about all the amazing programs you can become a part of.
  5. And read some inspiring service stories individuals in our community are helping write every day!

Come visit our table at the Involvement Fair on Tuesday, September 10th. The event will be located on the Campus Center Lawn and will be going on from 3:00-4:30. We want to help you get involved in the wonderful service opportunities both on campus and off! And if you’re already involved, we want to hear about what great things your organizations are doing!


By Laura Riley

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