Organization Spotlight: Colleges Against Cancer

By Laura Riley

The relay for lifemission of Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is to fight back against cancer through both awareness and fundraising efforts. All money raised by the St. Norbert Colleges Against Cancer group goes directly to the American Cancer Society. This year’s team is being led by Co-Presidents, Bryanha Rambo ’15 and Severina Scott ’14.

As a 5-year cancer survivor, Bryanha Rambo knew before she even stepped foot on this campus that she wanted to be involved with CAC. As a high school senior, she emailed the current president for more information. Three years later, she is beginning her second year as CAC Co-President.
“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of this amazing group is seeing everybody at Relay for Life. As a survivor myself, it is wonderful seeing all the survivors come together. That portion of the day is very emotional because we are all so touched by everyone’s support.” said Bryanha. “…and we broke a million dollars last year, so that’s awesome too!”

Any students who are interested in getting involved with Colleges Against Cancer should attend their meetings to find out more. The group meets on Monday nights from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Mulva Library, Room 101. Bryanha emphasized this message by saying, “You can literally just show up to our meeting or you can contact me at It’s a great cause! Try it and if you don’t like it, you can leave us…but we’ll probably convince you to stay.”

Students are invited to stop by the CAC table at the Involvement Fair this coming Tuesday, September 10th from 3:15-4:30. Their first big event is the Homecoming Dance which will be taking place on Saturday, October 19th in Schuldes and will begin at 9:00 pm. All proceeds will help support breast cancer research. They hope to see you there!

cac group 2012“I have never felt more satisfaction from another extracurricular group on campus, as I have for CAC. All year long there are activities to plan that go toward fighting cancer, not only on the college campus, but also around the globe. By working with the American Cancer Society, we have the opportunity to act on such a terrible disease that each of us have experienced in one way or another.”
〜 Co-President Severina Scott ’14.


One thought on “Organization Spotlight: Colleges Against Cancer

  1. Chelsea Marin September 9, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    I absolutely love being a part of this group! The most rewarding part of CAC is seeing all of the survivors at Relay for Life. Knowing that we are putting an event on that celebrates their survivorship and also remembering those we lost is fulfilling. I personally lost someone close to me and after the things that we do for CAC, I just have this feeling that I’m living in her memory and doing what I am supposed to be doing now that she isn’t here. My fondest memory of CAC was getting to speak at Relay for Life in memory of my friend. It’s so touching to know that my story could touch others and inspire them to Relay

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