Zambia Project: Zam Jams – February 28th

By Malorie Imhoff ’15

Zambia Project is thrilled to present their bi-annual musical event, Zam Jams, this Friday evening! Since 2001, Zambia Project has been working hard to raise funds for schools in Zambia, Africa. The money goes toward supplies for students and salary for teachers. Over the years, Zambia Project has raised thousands of dollars, providing children with an opportunity for a better future through education.

The event runs this Friday, February 28th in the Knight Owl from 7 pm to 11 pm. Cost of admission is $3, and all of this goes directly to Zambia Project’s mission of funding schooling in Africa. The atmosphere of Zam Jams is very relaxing; folks may come and go as they please throughout the night while enjoying free refreshments and featured performances by SNC musicians Austin Daoust and the Boys of Thunder, Rachel Ziolkowski, Brian Anderson, CJ Guzan and Michael Ahlberg, and Nora Eckert. Each performer has generously donated their time and talents and I can’t wait to hear what they have prepared for us this time! Zam Jams is one of our biggest and most successful fundraisers each year, and I believe it is largely due to the incredible involvement of talented musicians and enthusiastic audiences. Every semester I look forward to putting on this event because there is such a community of support from the campus – students are respectful and encouraging of musicians while having a great time with their friends supporting this wonderful cause.

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