Act! Speak! Build! Week: April 7-11

Act! Speak! Build! Week: April 7th-11th

The second week of April is Act! Speak! Build! Week at St. Norbert College and around the nation. This is a nationally recognized week sponsored by Habitat for Humanity. This week goes beyond the physical build site as volunteers and student groups turn their focus toward advocating for decent, affordable shelter. The overall purpose is to educate others about Habitat’s mission and what can be done to prevent homelessness and substandard housing.

St. Norbert’s Habitat for Humanity group chose to focus on educating the campus about what Habitat for Humanity is and they type of work their group does throughout the academic year. The culmination of the week’s events will be a presentation in Fort Howard Theater about Habitat and the impact it has on the families it works with. A Habitat Family will be speaking about their experience working with Habitat to build an affordable house for their family.

Other events happening earlier in the week include:

Monday 4/7: Join Habitat by wearing Habitat for Humanity clothing or blue/green clothing to increase awareness of the organization itself! The blue and green reflect the colors of the earth that represent Habitat’s global identity and their grassroots nature.

Tuesday 4/8: Habitat for Humanity members will be campaigning via social media to increase awareness of affordable housing. Watch for fun facts and ways to get involved!

Wednesday 4/9: The Habitat for Humanity group will be hosting a game night at St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter. They are excited to connect with the community through this event and are looking forward to becoming more educated about the issues they are so passionate about.

Thursday 4/10: Join Habitat for Humanity in the Fort Howard theater for a presentation by a Habitat family. Event details are below:

Thursday, April 10th
7:00 pm
Fort Howard Theater
Presentation by Habitat for Humanity Family
Question & Answer Segment

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