Social Justice Fair 2014

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Article and pictures by Liz Groth.

September 12th marked the date of SNC’s very first Social Justice Fair, coordinated by the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, & Public Understanding. Various organizations and programs on campus gathered in Michel’s Ballroom to talk about their individual causes and reach out to other students looking to make a difference both globally and in their own community. I had the opportunity to speak with Kaitlyn Miller, who played a major role in organizing the event.

Kaitlyn, who has been working as an intern at the Norman Miller Center since her junior year of college, said that she first got involved with the Norman Miller Center because she was passionate about social change and Catholic social teaching. For her, organizing the Social Justice Fair proved to be the perfect way to help other students who are passionate about social justice issues pursue their interests by giving them the opportunity to “shop” for the organization that best fits their beliefs and ideals. With such a wide variety of organizations present at the Social Justice Fair (from the Garden Club to Dance Marathon), it seems like there is a match to be found for just about any student at St. Norbert College.

Although Kaitlyn hopes the Social Justice Fair will become an annual event, she is keeping herself busy with plenty of other projects as well. Her work at the Norman Miller Center also includes planning weekly programming, participating in NMC lectures, and conducting independent research. One of the social issues that Kaitlyn has chosen to write about and work closely with this semester is human trafficking.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Norman Miller Center and the events they have to offer you can visit their calendar of special events. Every Tuesday night the Norman Miller Center hosts a weekly program which addresses one of many different social justice issues. Open office hours are also available from 10:30am – 12:30pm Monday through Friday, so feel free to stop in!

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