6 reasons applying for TRIPS will enrich your life

As a St. Norbert College student, you have the opportunity to apply for TRIPS: an alternative break program that seeks to serve the needs of communities across the country and the globe. The experiences of past participants demonstrate how TRIPS can be life-changing for you!

1.) You’ll make valuable friendships. 

You and your fellow participants will inevitably become family. Together, you’re making sustainable change. You’re witnessing struggle, and you’re working together to do something about it.

A friend made through TRIPS will have a passion to serve and a heart of gold.

“You live communio and experience commonio from the people you’re surrounded by.” –Maria Sauer ’17 10830148_789211127839036_3742025645931505449_o             photo 1

“You get outside of your comfort zone and are able to truly open up to your group due to simple living. You’re not worried about your phone. You’re living in the moment with your group to help others.” –Adam LaLuzerne ’16

2.) You’ll grow as a leader. 


“Especially this past year, TRIPS has definitely helped me with my leadership abilities. I learned a lot and have been able to carry that with me. I bring those lessons into the rest of what I’m doing.”               –Margaret Uselman ’17

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to grow my leadership skills and form close relationships with my TRIPS participants. Having the opportunity to help other SNC students grow their leadership potential will also help me grow as leader.” –Gretchen Stutz ’16

3.) It can be a great workout!

Between renovating homes, gardening, and other various service projects, you’re sure to get some exercise throughout your TRIPS experience!

IMG_2323       120_1471      IMG_2341

4.) Your eyes will be opened.


“You think, oh, someone has a house- they’re doing fine. But what you may not realize is they have five people living in a one bedroom. It looks okay from the outside, but inside, the floor is sagging in. They’re paying a crazy amount of money for a house that isn’t safe. The experience really deepened my understanding with the issues people encounter in affordable housing. It definitely opened my eyes to the issues these people were facing.” –Margaret Uselman ’17

“Your idea of service and justice will grow and be transformed. You learn ways to meet the needs of issues in our world and community. ” –Maria Sauer ’17

5.) You’ll travel the world. 

TRIPS is currently accepting domestic applications for cities such as Philadelphia, Memphis,Chicago, Detroit, and Miami. Each location has a unique culture and background that you can witness while helping the community!

11015395_10153187440006419_1486453451_n (1)            DSCN1865

6.) You’ll make a difference.

100_6665“After doing service, you feel a sense of personal satisfaction. I did something great, I learned a lot, and I feel enriched.” –Erin Knipp ’16

“On each trip, you learn about organizations and people that are doing extraordinary things- and then you take part in the mission! You come back to campus inspired to continue working towards the common good and are connected to others already taking those steps.” –Maria Sauer, ’17

Participants make a lasting impact on communities struggling with issues in poverty, homelessness, education, medicine, and more. TRIPS as a whole envisions a community that deeply considers and regularly chooses the common good.

And anyone interested in getting involved… 

Applications are due September 20. There’s still time- apply here today for an experience you’ll never forget!

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