The SJF 2015: Your Gateway to Making a Difference

Is there an injustice in the world that ignites your desire to make a difference?

Is there something you really want to see changed in our society?

Social justice is defined as promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity. St. Norbert College students do this everyday through various organizations on campus.

On Tuesday, October 6th (tomorrow!), the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice, & Public Understanding is holding their second annual Social Justice Fair. You’ll be able to take look at what areas of social justice exist outside of one-time service; It’s an opportunity to find how to turn your talents, passion, and experience into action.

Who is invited?

The Social Justice fair is the perfect opportunity for first-year students to find organizations that fit their talents and passions. However, Kelsie George, a Norman Miller Center intern who organized the event, hopes to see sophomores, juniors, and seniors there as well.

“For upperclassmen, this is a great opportunity to take a deep look at what they are involved in and what other areas they could potentially become involved in. Our hope is that through this session students, regardless of their year in college, will critically think about social justice and where their passion lies, and also how to turn that passion into effective and impactful work.”

How do I know which organizations are right for me? 
While you are encouraged to check out all the booths at the Social Justice Fair, the Norman Miller Center is implementing a way to match your interests to each organization on campus.
At the fair, each attendee can take the Public Service Pathways survey. Your results will help you think through which areas of service you align with the most. Your results will point to Community Engaged Learning and Research, Activism, Philanthropy, Policy/Politics, Direct Service, and/or Social Entrepreneurship. Each booth will be labeled with which category their organization belongs to. We hope you will find an organization you can call home, whether or not it fits in your most prominent category!

Will there be food? 
Yes! Free pizza with gluten-free and lactose-free options available.
Be sure to stop by the Social Justice Fair on Tuesday, October 6th! It starts at 6:30 p.m. in Bemis 114ABCD.

Social Justice Fair Invites-2 (1)

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