Celebrating Service: Presenting Highlights of 2015-2016

by Jaime Notzen

Last Tuesday marked the 7th annual Celebrating Service event at St. Norbert College.

It was hosted by our office, the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning.

Celebrating Service 2016 (5)

Students, staff, faculty, and community partners gathered for the occasion.

While the St. Norbert community is clearly passionate about service and communio, the ice cream bar with 40+ toppings is always a huge hit!

Celebrating Service 2016 (3)
Ed Sturzl peruses the ice cream toppings at Celebrating Service. 

Visual displays highlighted various service programs on campus.

Celebrating Service 2016 (16)

Participants were able to present each program’s growth and success.

Celebrating Service 2016 (10) (1)
Sturzl employees Abby Vandenhouten and Meghan McGorey represent Kids to Campus.
Celebrating Service 2016 (12)
SNC Garden Club members display their growing influence.
Celebrating Service 2016 (15)
Dance Marathon presents their organization’s success to Ed Sturzl. 

Our storytellers shared their hearts.

Their stories were incredibly personal and emotional experiences. These personal accounts, presented by SNC students and one of our community partners, truly captured the impact of service.

Celebrating Service 2016 (22)
Colton Wiesner (’16) recalled his TRIPS experience in Nicaragua. He worked with a medical professional that inspired and altered his perspective as a future doctor. Colton will soon be a student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 
Celebrating Service 2016 (24)
Quincy Kissack (’16) worked with the Children’s Medical TRIP in Iowa. Her story touched the audience as we saw a glimpse of  the emotional relationships she developed with struggling families. 
Celebrating Service 2016 (28)
Eric VandenHeuvel of the Boys and Girls Club uniquely presented his story from two perspectives: from the eyes of a Michels Hall resident and from the eyes of a young student at the Boys and Girls Club. He reminded us that service does not have to involve grand gestures. A volunteer’s impact is not always visible, but it is there. 
Celebrating Service 2016 (34)
Taylor Baltus (’16) served as a co-president of Dance Marathon this year. The attitude of one of the event’s miracle children inspired Taylor and all who attended. 


The impact of service on students and the community is evident…

especially after this event! We are so proud of all the improvements service programs have made on campus. As the end of the year approaches, we anticipate an incredible year of service between 2016 and 2017!


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